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Certain insurance companies do not necessarily contract with this office; however, it is important factor to realize is that Medical Insurance is a contract between the Patient and the Insurance Company regarding the financial responsibility for payment for medical services provided by a doctor, or other medical facility.  Remember, it is the patient’s responsibility to confirm insurance coverage prior to a visit/procedure/lab work, etc

Our office staff is happy to assist you by calling your insurance company to clarify these concerns prior to your visit.  Many insurance companies provide various “plans,” and some of these plans cover preventative care including Annual Physicals, and unfortunately, others plans do not.  Furthermore, certain plans cover the annual physical with no deductible; even though there may be a deductible which may apply to other services provided at the same time the physical is performed, so always ask if you have additional needs at your annual physicial.  Finally, certain plans will fully pay for the clinical examination by a physician, but may apply a deductible for routine laboratory and radiology services.  Thus, the best way to prevent surprises is to be well informed about your coverage prior to your appointment

We realize that some of the words and phrases used in healthcare can be confusing and have provided a quick reference guide for your use. Click here for Understanding Healthcare and Managed Care Terms *

Please note that payment is appreciated at the time services are rendered.

If you are concerned or have a question about whether your insurance is accepted, you may call your insurance company and ask to speak with your benefits coordinator (number should be on your insurance card) OR contact our office prior to your visit/procedure/lab work, etc. OR visit the website of your insurance provider, as they may have the information readily available.

Several of the “plans” from the following preferred providers are accepted at Beverly Hills Internal Medicine.  The managed care plans (HMOs) must be through UCLA Medical Group OR Cedars Sinai Health Associates and have a Beverly Hills Internal Medicine physician listed as the Primary Care Physician.

Understanding Healthcare and Managed Care Terms

We realize that some of the words and phrases used in healthcare can be confusing and have provided a quick reference guide below.

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